Lavender Skies

Two worlds. Two people. One unlikely alliance...


Celestia is an open source astronomy program, available at .

In Celestia, you can literally go anywhere in the universe, however individual stars are rendered only within 10 million light years, in the latest versions available for download (1.6.1). Previous versions limited you to only 16,000 light years.

You can also go forward and backwards into time about 2 billion years in either direction. Celestia is also highly accurate, and there are orbital data files available for download on the main Celestia forum and elsewhere on the internet.

The best part, you can create your own stars and planets for Celestia, although there is a huge learning curve, and takes time, although there is help and some tutorials on the Celestia forum to guide you.

Celestia is what I used to generate the space pictures on this site.

I'm still trying to figure out how to share the Lavender Skies universe, but I will post an update to this site when it is ready for sharing.

Celestia is Copyright© Celestia Development Team