Lavender Skies

Two worlds. Two people. One unlikely alliance...

Spoiler Warning!

This page, though it harbors character bio, contains plot spoilers for the story Lavender Skies. Please proceed with caution.

Dennis Skye

Birthdate: November 9th, 1984, 21:36, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Birthplace: Princeton, Minnesota, United States, Earth
Time of Death: October 17, 2012; 20:17, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Place of Death: Super-Computer Island, Belle Hades
Age at time of Death: 27 (Earth); 33 (Belle Hades)
Cause of Death: Nuclear Explosion
Spouse(s): --None--
Occupation(s): --None--
Education: High School Diploma

    Major: --General Education--
Skills: Information Technology Programming

Physical Traits:
Height: 6' 2" (187.96 centimeters)
Weight: 251 pounds (113.85 kilograms)
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Species: Human
Race: Caucasian

Nucleina Nuclei

Birthdate: November 12, 1984, 14:28, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
Birthplace: Lilith City, Belle Hades
Time of Death: --Alive--
Age: 33 (Belle Hades); 27 (Earth)
Spouse(s): Nucleoid Nuclei (Deceased)
Occupation(s): Floral Continuation Specialist; Insectoid Repopulation Overseer; Mayor (Lilith City); Senator (Lilith District); President*
Education: Hadean School of Environmental Arts; Styx Metropolitan University
    Major: Environmental Repopulation
Skills: Basic Self-Defense; Witchcraft
Physical Traits:
Height: 4' 11.5" (151.13 centimeters)
Weight: 124 pounds (56.25 kilograms)
Eye Color: Lavender
Hair Color: Black
Species: Belle Hadean